Monday, October 15, 2012

A red letter day

It was truly a red letter day.  A day that will be recorded in the family annals and celebrated at each and every anniversary until He returns.  A fixed point in time that cannot be altered and from which all other events will now be referenced.  From here forward history will fall into one of two categories: pre-ISL and post-ISL.
Yes, it's true.  We have joined the hoi polloi of the hamlet.  After 6 years of portaloos and lemon trees we can finally revel in the luxury of an inside loo (ISL)!  Phil the plumber has connect the water closet to our worm powered treatment plant resulting in a flushing indoor lav.  There is just one remaining wrinkle to iron out - we don't have running water.  So "the flush" is bucket powered - but flush it does all the same.
We're particularly pleased with the loo light.  Perhaps a little OTT for some (aren't all ceiling lights?) it is somewhat of a memorial to my childhood home where it hung over the kitchen table for decades.  We had plans to put the family's Austrian crystal chandelier there, but Mum reckons she's still using it.  Oh well.

Monday, October 8, 2012

It's a grind

Tidying up Dad's shed unearthed some odd scraps of timber,  bits Dad had kept even though to most folk they were too short to be useful.  He was the typical depression baby - never throw anything away just in case it could be useful.  (Mind you, I'm not sure what he thought anyone would use those 37 old shock absorbers for.)
Well, not wanting to disappoint, I took on the challenge of putting these odds and sods together into something useful to me.   As a sawmiller, Dad had spent his working life sharpening saws, so for me the fitting use was a bench for my sharpening equipment.  It took some juggling, but I finally came up with something that provided a shelf for the high speed grinder, another for the baby Tormek and one for my glass grinder.
It's not fine furniture and it's not art - but it is a nice reminder of Dad.  If you'd like the plans I have a SketchUp version I can send to you. 
I really should get back to building the house.