Monday, August 16, 2010

And so it starts

Ahh, the first post. The quintessential paragraph that sets the tone for all subsequent posts. The post that, for some, will be their first encounter with this blog. No pressure here, but it must be brilliant, articulate and witty. Arresting the attention of the reader from the first syllable and drawing them into a world to which they will want to return.

Alternatively, it just needs to be short with no typos - I think I can live with that…..

For some, “Pemberley” is a fictitious place dreamt up by Jane Austen. For my family however, it is a real place near the south coast of NSW. Formerly part of a dairy the 2 kilometre driveway leads to a house that, whilst not quite as ostentatious as Mr Darcy’s, will one day also be a family home. That is if I ever finish building it. Purchased in April 2005 with only an old corrugated shed to shelter in we started building in April 2007.

This blog is all about the build, the materials we’ve used, the challenges we’ve met and what we’ve learnt along the way.

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