Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I went to the Working With Wood  show with Nette last weekend and had a fantastic time. We even picked up the dust mask with arguably the world’s coolest name, the “Dust-Bee-Gone”.

We’d previously read some positive write ups for the “DBG”, including one in the Australian Woodworker and another in Jim Tolpin’s book, “Woodworking Wit & Wisdom” (great book btw).

Mind you, at around $60 they’re not cheap, but with an expected life of several years we reckon they have the potential to be a good buy.

My experience with the el-cheapo disposables has been that when I blow my nose at the end of the day I still end up with a ton of junk on my nicely ironed hanky. Which makes me wonder just how much dust is making it all the way to my lungs.

I’ll let you know how the “Dust-Bee-Gone” performs over the coming months, in particular how it fairs in the highly scientific “muck on the nicely ironed hanky” test.

If you’d like to buy a DBG contact Steve Diver.
PS: Steve didn't pay for the plug, he just seemed a nice bloke when we met him at the show.

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  1. Thank You for this article. I have been looking for a dust mask that doesn't fog my glasses. The fact that this is washable and reusable makes it even better. (Now to bite the bullet on the price.)