Saturday, November 13, 2010

Staring at stairs

There were two of us on site this weekend, me and my 82 year old Dad.  You can see the progress we made on the stairs, especially the landing wall, which is now panelled.  We did some of the fiddly bits where the main post, winders and treads meet too, which required some quite tricky compound mitres. 

Cutting the mitres was made a lot easier by Dad, who filled his Saturday sharpening my handsaws.  He spent a lot of time on one in particular which the brickie had used to cut some Timbercrete bricks.  Dad was less than impressed - that was no way to treat a Disston handsaw!

Dad and I probably had more coffee breaks than the award allows for - but the weekend wasn’t just about work.   Life’s all about choices isn’t it?  I think the work/coffee break balance we struck this weekend was a good choice.

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