Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lights, Camera, Copper

The moment of truth came Friday afternoon when the electrician flicked the switch worked! 

I had run all the cables through the Timbercrete walls during construction and now, over two years later, the electrician had come to connect the power points, lights and switches.  Whilst I had checked, double checked, triple checked and labelled all my work a couple of weeks ago, it was still nerve racking watching as the trained professionals had to figure out how to actually make it work - which they did whilst maintaining a good sense of humour. 

Though, I have to say, he was a little unsure at first about my plan to run some of the wiring through exposed copper conduit.  We like it, it gives the idea of an old  house that was built before electricity and has subsequently been electrified.  I have no real excuse for the tap - except that it's cool.

We're really pleased with the bakelite style switches which we purchased from Pales in Style.  Dan provided faultless service and attention to detail - I'd recommend his company to anyone.

Our electrician, Greg Eastman, and his team Brad and Chris were great to work with and very patient and accommodating of my ideas.  If you need an electrician on the South Coast, you would be hard pressed to do better than Greg, Chris and Brad.


  1. Very nice work, good to hear all of it has gone so well. Did he like the Tap in the copper piping?

    I have just been looking over you info and have seen that in your about me statement there is nothing that talks about having the best son in law that anyone could have :P, thought i should mention that.

    Will keep following along as it all happens, let me know when you are going down next as i would love to come and help out sometime.

    Simon JR

  2. Once the electrician saw what I had described "in the flesh" he liked it, especially the tap. And you're quite right - I must update my profile to include Simon JR.