Sunday, September 25, 2011

Right tool for the job

The more I do on the house or in the workshop the more I realise that having the right tool for the job is absolutely essential.  Hence, everytime I go to the croft I take umpteen tool boxes with pretty well every tool I own.

But last weekend, when I had to take Nette's little corolla instead of my beaut ute, I was forced to downsize the tool department - considerably.  To be honest it wasn't that hard because there were only two jobs on the "to do" list: finishing the floor using the nail gun and compressor that were already onsite; and cleaning up in preparation for the tiling.

I dutifully did the Santa thing and made a list and checked it twice, but despite my best efforts I found myself caught without a very vital piece of equipment that no carpenter should ever be without...tweezers.

So, when I got an enourmous splinter I had to resort to a rusty safety pin I found in the bottom of one of my tool boxes and a pair of pointy nose pliers.  I'm not sure which hurt the most, the splinter going in or me getting it out.

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