Thursday, February 23, 2012


Oiling the benchtop
After a lot of fiddling and fine tuning I can finally announce that we are the proud parents of my first kitchen bench.  Joining the 3 benchtop components went better than expected as did levelling them - which I did using Dad's ancient Ryobi electric planer (it was actually made in Japan!).  But the most rewarding moment came while oiling the top.  It's probably the first time since the timber was milled over 100 years ago that the natural grain is again the star.

Next job - building a shed.


  1. Wow Simon, that benchtop looks incredible. Are they lots of thin strips of timber laminated then oiled?

    1. Yes, we ripped floor boards into three strips and then laminated them. Makes for a very solid and movement free benchtop. (Weights a ton too.)