Saturday, May 12, 2012


The shed - almost open for business
It's taken a few weekends but the shed is done.  Well, almost - I still need to get the roll-a-door to go up and down before we can cut the ribbon. 

The shed was originally in Canberra and was given to us by friends from church who were upgrading their car accommodation.  So we pulled it down, labelled everything and trailered it to Pemberley.  Putting it up two years later has been a bit of a test of our memories (why did we write that on this piece?) and a real team effort with our son-in-law lending his tall genes at just the right moment.

Unfortunately the local wombat has discovered the shed and started digging up one of the footings already.  I'm not sure what God was thinking when He made wombats so annoying - I hope I remember to ask Him.

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