Monday, October 19, 2015

It's official

Final certificate
It’s official, after more than 8 years of work the house is “done” and we have the final certificate from the council to prove it.

We purposely didn't keep track of our time because we reckoned it would add up to be a scary number.  However, I do know that we have:
  • Moved every brick, by hand, at least 3 times. 
  • Constructed around 22 square metres of leadlight.
  • Hand sanded about 70 square metres of plasterboard.
  • Used roughly 50 metres of copper plumbing pipe for things other than plumbing.
  • Spent over $2,000 on screws, more than $500 on caulk and precisely $202 on sandpaper.
Admittedly, there are still a couple of small things to do, like strip and install 50 metres of cedar skirting board and make another four panes of leadlight - so the housewarming is yet to be scheduled. And after that? Well I think Louis L’Amour got it right when he said:
“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. Yet that will be the beginning.”

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