Thursday, March 8, 2018

The phone's home

I picked up our 1950s telephone box from a friend of Mum's last century for the princely some of $20. After repairs it become somewhat of a local landmark on the front lawn of our Canberra home.  But we couldn't leave it behind, it was destined to be part of the Pemberley landscape. 

I don't know how much a phone box weighs, but the glass is 1/4 inch thick and much of the timber is hardwood.  The roof is galvanised sheet tin and the ceiling is 1/2 inch thick lining boards.  But despite the kilos, getting it on and off the truck was simply a case of manpower.

However, repairing it required a bit more effort.

Looking a bit sad after the long trip and a couple of decades between makeovers.
I repaired and repainted as much as I could before we stood it up.
(Somehow a red phone box doesn't look right in white.)
The bottom of the door and walls needed new timber and reglazing.

Friends, family and the 1948 Fergie all helped to stand it back up.

Rolex is very happy with the final result.

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