Saturday, April 14, 2018


After a couple visitors recently missed our entrance we thought we'd best make it stand out more. The make-over included moving the gate 3 meters further into our property, giving us more room to get off the road when opening the gate - especially handy when dragging the trailer around.  We also upgraded to a wider, 14 foot gate and galvanised posts.
Front entrance

There's still some fine tuning needed to smooth out a couple of humps and the old fence posts are yet to be removed... but it's nearly finished.  After the front gate went so well we figured we were on a roll so we did the eastern house gate as well.

I kept track of the time involved (and I now know why no-one else around here has a white picket fence.)

Hours below exclude installing the posts and swinging the gates:
  • Front entrance
    • number of pickets - 110
    • paint pickets - 28 hrs
    • install pickets -  17 hrs
    • install rails - 7 hrs
    • paint rails - 5 hrs
    • sand pickets - 5 hrs
    • shape tops - 3 hrs 
    • average = 59 minutes/picket
  • House gate
    • number of pickets - 60
    • paint pickets - 9 hrs
    • install pickets - 9 hrs
    • install rails - 2 hrs
    • paint rails - 2 hrs
    • sand pickets - 2 hrs
    • shape tops - 1 hrs
    • average = 42 minutes/picket

Two things I discovered:
  1. Things always take longer than I think they will. (I did already know that.)
  2. I do get quicker as I go. (Thankfully.)

Rolex and the eastern gate

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